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Assembly & Usage Guide

We recommend you let a professional build your new Jorvik Tricycle.

Check out our assembly guide instruction PDF booklet here

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Check out our Odin assembly guide instruction PDF booklet here

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Simple User Guide: Relates to all our models

  1. Position the handle bars to your requirements , they can be altered for height and angle, both with a 6ml allen key. To set the height loosen/tighten the bolt located at the top of the handlebars. To adjust the angle loosen/tighten the bolt under the handlebars ( near where the handlebars meet the stem)
  2. To adjust the saddle there is a quick release leaver located under the seat slacken/tighten this and move saddle into desired position.
  3. Key/Battery settings – When keys in battery can be turned to on to turn trike on / Off to turn trike off and you can remove the key in off and this will lock the battery into bike to prevent theft / Unlock to remove battery for charge etc. Please Note bike can be charged with battery left in.
  4. Control Panel on handle bars – The trike can be ridden as a normal tricycle with no power by turning the button off. / To ride with electric power turn to on and it will default into low mode start pedalling and it begins to have power assist , if more power required press mode and it will move to Medium then High then back to Low.
  5. Whilst using pedal assist it will go up to max speeds 15km , if you want the tricycle to cruise without pedalling keep finger pressed on the mode button (or – button, depending on the model) and it will propel the trike to the EAPC regulated speed of 6kmh.
  6. Remove Battery – To remove battery turn the key to unlock and locate the small lever directly under the back of the saddle, this will flip the saddle forward, firmly pull the handle and the battery will slide out , use the charging lead provided and charge at any socket. To place the battery back in , slide back in, using the tracks .
  7. Battery life can be located on the handle bar control panel and on top of the battery itself by pressing the button.
  8. The fold mechanism is the same on the electric and non electric models. To fold the tricycle lift the lock catch and open the lever by slightly lifting and pulling to the open. Position the front wheel in between the rear wheels for best results. To unfold reposition the tricycle into its standard position and lock the lever back into place. Please check secure before use.
  9. Handbrakes: If the tricycle does have the added handbrakes on simply hold in the brakes and clip the black lever into lock. This is located on the brake itself. To release the handbrakes just apply the brakes.
  10. Top tips for riding – Please keep practicing …… trikes need practice on flat ground until you get your confidence. They will not tip and the art of trike riding is to remember not to lean but to steer. Dont jerk arms around and steer smooth and slow, you only need to gently pedal for pedal assist to work…Once you get the hang of them you will have years of happy safe cycling ! THEY ARE GREAT FUN!!!