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Jorvik 24″ Folding Vintage Dutch Style Electric Adults Tricycle 250W / 36V – Folding Frame

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£1,279.00 Inc. VAT

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The design of the Jorvik Folding Electric Trike enables smooth and easy handling, giving the rider full control and confidence with every ride. This is an excellent form of powered transportation, with the added benefit of keeping fit. With its folding frame it enables the tricycle to be transported as-well as great for storage.  Comes with a quick release mechanism to enable the rider to fold and unfold the tricycle with ease.

Why Choose a Jorvik Tricycle:

    • 1 Years Parts Warranty
    • Front and back baskets - Front wicker
    • Fully UK & EU EAPC Regulated - Road Legal
    • Not a conversion kit
    • Key lockable battery - Theft Prevention
    • Available in various colours and sizes
    • UK Sales & Customers services team
    • Showroom for viewings & test rides
    • All terrain tyres
    • Front Wicker and Rear baskets
    • 100% refund policy available see t&c's

Key Specifications:

    • 36v Lithium Battery / 250 w Brushless Motor / 10AH
    • Battery Charger Included
    • Built and ready to ride! Offer available in UK only ***
    • Removable battery
    • 24" All Terrain Tyres
    • Range Upto 30 miles+ on flat
    • Height Adjustable - Suitable for riders 5ft to 6ft ( Guide only)
    • Large Comfort Seat
    • Weight of Trike: 38kg
    • The Jorvik Electric tricycle range comes with three options. Pedal assist which allows the rider to cycle whilst power will gently assist the rider. There are different power modes depending on how much power is required to either introduce more speed or tackle any type of steep incline .

      The second option is the walk button which allows the rider to cruise along without the need to pedal at all.

      The tricycle can also have no electric assistance by just switching to it off and being ridden with 6 speed shimano gears.

      Please note due to EAPC laws coming into effect in 2015 throttles are now illegal to sell. The full Jorvik Electric range is fully EAPC regulated and legal. This allows the tricycle to fall under bicycle laws and therefore no licence or insurance is required to ride these trikes on the public roads.


Product Description

The Jorvik Folding Electric Adults trike is designed with comfort and ease in mind. They are a perfect way to cycle for all types of riders, whether you suffer from mobility issues and require a disabled electric adults tricycle , are a novice rider or a competent cyclist who just wants the ease of a three wheeled bike and room for their extra shopping and it has the added bonus of power assistance.

The design of the Jorvik Electric Tricycle enables smooth and easy handling , giving the rider full control and confidence with every ride. This is an excellent form of powered transportation , with the added  benefit of keeping fit.

With its folding frame it enables the tricycle to be transported as-well as great for storage.  Comes with a quick release mechanism to enable the rider to fold and unfold the tricycle with ease.

Important Stuff

Complies with EAPC Requirements / UK Laws

PLEASE NOTE : This Tricycle will come built and ready to ride. This is only available to our customers in the UK. 

This product is currently on back order and is not due in until October. You can still place an order for this item but delivery will not take place until after the stock arrives at our warehouse.

PLEASE NOTE : We have recently changed the shade of Green – the new colour is a darker racing green – please contact us for further information.


Is a traditional Dutch style with an upright position allowing the rider to have a comfortable ride and encourages a healthy posture. The low stride frame will make mounting and dismounting a little easier. The electric cabling is discreetly hidden underneath the sleek eye catching lightweight frame.

The folding frame gives the rider the option to transport and store the tricycle with ease.The quick release hinge which is discreetly fitted to the frame allows any rider to quickly fold and unfold with minimum effort.

Battery Motor

36v lithium battery / 250 watt brush-less motor allowing a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 30 miles plus. All of this is fully controlled by the simple touch of a button. The battery has a unbelievable 10 years life span or 2000 recharge cycle.

Unique smart unit design which will never overcharge or get damaged. There is a handy gauge on the control panel to keep you informed of the battery life at all times.

Parking Brakes

The Jorvik Electric Trike comes with parking brakes on the front and rear. Either of the brakes can be applied with the flick of a thumb, giving the rider peace of mind if the tricycle is left unattended.


Our sprung comfort saddles come in vintage brown leather and can be adjusted to your liking. They are extremely padded and comfortable keeping any derrière happy! ( Black available if preferred , please make a note at the checkout)


The Electric tricycle has mudguards on all its 3 wheels preventing the rider from getting splashed on rainy day rides.

Chain guards

Protective chain guards will be fitted to the trikes as standard as we do not want riders catching or grease on their best trousers!

Handle bars

The adjustable handlebars allows the rider to position to their desired height and angle. We understand that not all riders want to sit in the same position

Seat Post

The seat comes with a quick release handle allowing the rider to adjust the height with ease and without the need for tools.


The front and back tyres are made from tough wearing natural rubber with an all weather grip. As we want riders to enjoy their trike whatever the weather.

Derailleur / Gears

Comes fitted as standard with world renowned Shimano SIS Tourney 6 speed rear derailleur/gear. This gives the rider more than enough options to select the right gear to give the best handling no matter what the terrain.


The Jorvik Electric Tricycle comes with a large ridged wire and small front baskets in case extra shopping space or a taxi for your pet is required. Dimensions – L 50cm x W 41cm x H 29cm.

PLEASE NOTE: Front Basket attaches by small bracket only. (for cosmetic purposes) Any additional attachments/support deters folding function.


The tricycle is fitted with V type brakes, which have been designed especially for trikes. As riders safety and confidence is paramount to us.


  • Built and ready to ride! Offer available in UK only ***
  • Battery Life – Unbelievable 10 years life span or 2000 recharge cycle
  • Dimensions: Unfolded – L68″x W30.5″ x H34″ Folded – L43″ x W30.5″ x H34″ – Height is measured at the lowest setting of the saddle
  • 36v Lithium Battery / 1oAH
  • Includes Battery Charger
  • 250 Watt Brushless Motor
  • Range 30 miles plus
  • Charges from flat in 4 hours
  • Removable battery
  • Model Type: Steel Adults Electric Tricycle
  • Front and Rear baskets as standard
  • Suitable for riders 5ft – 6ft – Guide Only
  • Wheel size 24″ front and rear. PLEASE NOTE- Height adjustable seat and handlebars which will accommodate most heights . The suitable measurements is just a guide.
  • World renowned Shimano SIS Tourney 6 speed rear derailleur/gear
  • Wheel Specification : Alloy rims on steel hubs with 36 spokes.
  • Brakes: V type brakes, designed especially for trikes.
  • Front and Rear handbrakes
  • Handlebar and stem: Alloy adjustable angle stem with hi-rise silver alloy handlebars.
  • Additional Features: Sprung adjustable comfort saddle. Mudguards, Chain guards, Front and Rear rigid wire baskets
  • Frame Colours : Various
  • Seat Colour : Various
  • Tricycle Condition: Brand New
  • Weight of Trike: 38kg
  • Maximum user weight 25 stone
  • Use: Adults Trike, Cargo Tricycle Electric Tricycle, E-Trike, Disabled Electric Trike


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