Size Guide

In order to size a trike correctly you should consider your height and inside leg measurement along with your riding style and the style of the trike itself.

Tips: How to get the correct inside leg measurement: Measure from the crotch at the top of the leg to the bottom of the heel.

  • 20″ Adults/Childs Jorvik Tricycle – Inside Leg 26″ – 32″
  • 24″ Adults Jorvik Tricycle – Inside Leg 28″ – 36″
  • 26″ Adults Jorvik Tricycle – Inside Leg 28″ – 40″

Jorvik Tricycles are height adjustable and can accommodate most sizes. If your inside leg does not fall within these guides, please contact us and a staff member will be more than happy to help.

Jorvik Tricycles are built to very high standards and as well as being elegant in their design, they are also extremely robust. It is important to be aware that heavy riders and those who frequently carry heavy loads will place more stress on their tricycle and on its components; these riders should ensure that their tricycle is serviced at frequent intervals.

Tricycle Weights:

20 Electric: 30kg – 34kg inc packaging
24 Electric: 32kg – 36kg inc packaging
26 Electric: 34kg – 38kg inc packaging

20 Non Electric: 22kg – 24kg inc packaging
24 Non Electric: 24kg – 26kg inc packaging
26 Non Electric: 24kg – 26kg inc packaging