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Size Guide

Measurement JET-1 20″ JET-1 24″ JET-E 20″ JET-E 24″ JMT3 JMT6 JMT7 JMT9 JMT10
[A] Length 167cm 184cm 167cm 184cm 189cm 185cm 185cm 185cm 184cm
[B] Length when folded 101cm 108cm 101cm 108cm N/A N/A N/A 107cm N/A
[C] Length with front wheel turned 147cm 160cm 147cm 160cm 165cm 165cm 165cm 165cm 161cm
[D] Floor to stepover height 30cm 30cm 30cm 30cm 50cm 37cm 46cm 44cm 39cm
Width of back wheels 75cm 75cm 75cm 75cm 79cm 79cm 79cm 79cm 79cm
[E] Floor to seat at lowest point 84cm 88cm 84cm 88cm 87cm 87cm 83cm 83cm 86cm
[F] Floor to seat at highest point 104cm 108cm 104cm 108cm 103cm 104cm 98cm 98cm 106cm
[G] Bottom of forks to top of headtube (with wheel removed) 57cm 64cm 57cm 64cm 66cm 60cm 60cm 60cm 60cm
Weight 25.9kg 26.9kg 33.6kg 33.9kg 38kg 43kg 41kg 40kg 32.5kg
Maximum user weight 120kg 120kg 120kg 120kg 133kg 133kg 133kg 133kg 130kg
[H] Floor to top of the headtube 77cm 89cm 77cm 89cm 93cm 82cm 82cm 82cm 84cm
Maximum speed N/A N/A 15.5 mph 15.5 mph 15.5 mph 15.5 mph 25 mph 15.5 mph N/A
Maximum range (approx) N/A N/A 37 miles 37 miles 45 miles 45 miles 40 miles 46 miles N/A
Floor to handlebars at lowest point 103cm 114cm 103cm 114cm 105cm 103cm 116cm 116cm 113cm
Floor to handlebars at highest point 113cm 124cm 113cm 124cm 115cm 113cm 129cm 129cm 123cm
Minimum inside leg 71cm 72cm 71cm 72cm 76cm 76cm 76cm 77cm 72cm

Jorvik Tricycles handlebars and saddles are height adjustable and can accommodate most sizes.
Jorvik Tricycles are built to very high standards and as well as being elegant in their design, they are also extremely robust. It is important to be aware that heavy riders and those who frequently carry heavy loads will place more stress on their tricycle and on its components; these riders should ensure that their tricycle is serviced at frequent intervals.