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Born out of love

Jorvik began when one father’s hardship led to a family taking action. Today we’re a thriving community that invites people of all abilities to experience the joy and freedom of cycling.

Our story

Classic, electric & folding adult tricycles for all abilities.

Designed in the historic city of York, you can find Jorvik tricycles around the world. From electric tricycles that whisk you along effortlessly to reassuringly capable mountain trikes, you’ll find them here.

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The freedom of two wheels, with the safety and stability of three.

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Freedom through the seasons

Jorvik Low Step Through Electric Mountain Trike JMT6 (500W)
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5 Star Rating
Thank you Jorvik for giving me back the feeling of freedom
Your home page describes windswept hair and the feeling of freedom, which is exactly how I feel every time I ride my trike. I bought my Jorvik tricycle 10 months ago. I have had MS for 27 years but in the last 9 years, walking has become increasingly difficult. We have always kept dogs but as the dogs grew old and passed away we did not get any more as all of the walking was left to my husband. I cannot ride a bicycle as I am too unstable. Now, riding my trike where I used to walk the dogs has given me back my freedom. The mist in the valleys, the smell of damp leaves, the first acorns and the views bring back special memories. Riding the trike, has strengthened my muscles and stabilised my knee; yes I still have foot-drop and am wobbly on two legs, but I am fast on three wheels! Thank you Jorvik for giving me back my freedom.
Karen Blissitt


Not able to come and visit us at our showroom in York? We're travelling around the country this summer and visiting lots of different shows and fairs. Come along and meet us!

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