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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are our e-trikes road legal

    All of our 250w models are road legal and are classed as a bicycle.

    Our 500w models are designed for private land use with permission only.

  • Are warranties transferable

    No sorry, they are not.
  • Can a child seat be added

    Yes, but as we do not stock these and the cargo is so precious we recommend seeking advice from a child seat expert to make sure you purchase the right seat for your tricycle and needs.
  • Can you claim disability VAT exclusion

    Unfortunately not, as the government does not deem that our tricycles are for disability use only.
  • Do we have a showroom for test rides

    Yes, we have a large showroom with a variety of tricycles for you to test ride.

    Please note test rides are by appointment only, and you will have the showroom to yourself for a 1hr time slot. This enables us to give you our full attention while test riding and also provide privacy for you if you want to share any personal details.

  • Do we have stockists

    No - we only sell direct to the customer, this enables us to keep prices as low as possible and all customers are treated the way we believe our customers should be.
  • Do we offer finance

    Yes we offer 0% finance, please see here

  • Do we ship overseas

    Yes we do, if you are out of the EU and a shipping price does not calculate at checkout please contact us directly.
  • Do you have build videos

    Yes we do please see here

  • Do your tricycles come built

    All tricycles come 90% built for your ease, videos are available for reference.

    The remaining 10% can still be fiddly for some customers - if you are not confident in this area you may need to seek professional assistance.

  • Does the electric Tricycles come with lights

    Yes they have hardwired lights front and back
  • How can I contact you

    Sales line only 01904405338 9-5 mon-fri .
    “live chat” facility on our website

  • How can I pay

    There are various ways of making payments which include …
    -Debit/credit bank card
    -bank transfer
    -cheque (this can delay delivery as your cheque has to clear before we ship goods)

  • How much air do I put in my tyres

    All of our tyres have the recommended PSI located on the tyre wall.
  • How old can you be to ride an e-trike

    To ride any e-bike or e-trike in the UK the rider must be 14yrs or over.
  • I have a clicking noise or squeak or something isn't working with my tricycle

    Unfortunately it is very hard to diagnose any noises or issues over the phone/email. As with any bicycle/tricycle, noises will appear for a wide variety of reasons. This may be your trike telling you it’s time to visit your local bike shop for a service or a check over.

    We recommend all tricycles to be serviced 1-2 times a year. If you do not service your tricycle this can lead to major issues down the road, just like not servicing a car - and will invalidate your warranty.

  • Is delivery free

    Delivery is free to the UK mainland and will be delivered to your door. If you are out of this zone your delivery costs will be calculated at checkout. If this is not calculated at checkout, please contact us.
  • I’ve received a dispatched email but no tracking details, what should I do?

    First we dispatch to the couriers (first email) then once the couriers have your shipment at their depot you will then receive tracking details (second email) this can take up to 48hrs
  • My throttle/crawl feature is slow

    To comply with EAPC regulations the throttle or crawl feature on our 250w models is designed to only go at a slow walking pace. The feature will not take you up hills as it’s not designed for that purpose. It was initially designed to help the rider walk alongside the tricycle without much effort but if you are on flat ground, you can sit on the tricycle and use this feature - but it is at a slow walking pace.

    This feature is totally separate from electric pedal assist.

    As our 500w models are for private land use with permission only. The throttles are not restricted, so are much quicker and more powerful than the 250w models.

  • My tricycle feels wobbly/unstable

    This can be a very normal feeling to new tricycle riders, we find at the showroom the more experienced bicycle riders struggle the most at first as they are trying to ride it like a bicycle.

    Whereas customers that never learnt to ride a bike zoom away effortlessly as they have no preconceptions of riding a bike.

    The thing to remember is a tricycle is not a bicycle so as with anything new it may take a little practice for some at first, but persevere and you’ll soon be riding around with a beaming smile on your face. Please see these bullet point riding tips

    • Please remember a tricycle is not a bicycle and needs to be ridden differently.
    • If you have never ridden a tricycle before you may need to practice at first, just like the first time you rode a bicycle or even drove a car.
    • The more experienced in cycling that you are the harder it normally is as you are trying to ride the trike like a bicycle.
    • Try not to lean at first when turning and sit up nice and straight
    • Keep tension in your arms at the beginning, as the tricycle can pick up on slight cambers. The front wheel will only point in the direction that you let it.
    • Think of the handle bars more like a steering wheel, if you were veering to the left in a car you would simply turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction , the same principle applies with a trike.
    • Practice really does make perfect, at our showroom sometimes we have customers who can not ride the tricycle at first and wish to stop but with a little persuasion and a little more practice they are soon whizzing around.
    • There are little quirks that cyclists do when riding a trike that are not needed, such as leaning into each corner, jumping off the seat when the tricycle comes to a stop, not putting both feet on the pedals before setting off , but again these quirks will stop with practice.

    You’ll notice it will soon just click and you’ll understand how the trike works and like a bicycle once you’ve learnt you’ll never forget and will soon be riding without thinking about any of the above.

    Please find more information here

  • Returns policy

    Please see our terms and conditions for more information

  • The delivery date has changed on my product on your website

    The delivery dates do change on the products as it’s a live website. We produce our tricycles in batches so if that certain batch sells out, then the delivery date will change to the next batch date however your original date will stay the same.
  • What is the difference between a mid drive motor and a front hub motor

    We tend to find customers who need more assistance when pedaling prefer the front hub drive as this produces instant power with little effort when turning the pedals.

    The mid hub drive offers a more realistic form of e-trike riding and is more pressure sensitive and easier to control the power. This is very subjective to the rider though so if you are unsure a test ride may be best.

  • What is the weight limit for your tricycles

    All our tricycles are limited to roughly 21stone

  • Where can I ride a tricycle

    All of our non electric models and our 250w electric models are classed as bicycles so can be ridden anywhere a bicycle is allowed to go.
  • Why is my tricycle delayed

    Unfortunately on occasion, there can be delays with customers orders.This has been more prevalent in recent times due to COVID and Brexit.

    Another factor is, there is also a global shortage on parts from the backlog caused by COVID and the high demand for bicycles in this period, this has also had a knock on effect at ports where delays are now occurring.

    Please be rest assured that we always strive to meet delivery times as we know how important our tricycles are to our customers and we only delay orders if there is no other option. Thank you for your patience if your tricycle does get delayed.

  • Will a certain tricycle fit in the boot of my car?

    Unfortunately we can’t know for certain for all models of car or tricycles. Please check the dimensions of the tricycle against the dimensions of your car boot. The most popular models bought for this reason are the JMT9 , Jet e - 20” and the Jet e2 - 20”

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