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Usage guides for adult tricycles | Jorvik Tricycle

Here you'll find lots of advice to help you use your tricycle with confidence

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Simple User Guide for all models
  • To position the handlebars - Adjust the height using a 6mm Allen key to loosen/tighten the bolt located at the top of the handlebars. To adjust the angle, loosen/tighten the bolt under the handlebars (near where the handlebar meets the stem).
  • To adjust the saddle height - Loosen/tighten the quick-release lever located on the seat stem and move the saddle up or down to your desired position.
  • To remove the battery - Turn the key to the 'unlock' position. Locate the small lever directly under the back of the saddle. This will flip the saddle forward, then firmly pull the handle and the battery will slide out. To re-insert the battery, slide the battery down the guide rail with the key in the 'unlock' position. When the tricycle is not in use, turn the key to the 'off' position and remove the key. This will lock the battery in place to avoid theft.
  • To charge the battery - Insert the charger into the charge port located on the battery. The charger LED will change from green to red to indicate that the battery is charging. You can charge the battery on or off the tricycle. Once charging is complete, the LED will return to green.
  • To check battery life - Located the control panel on the handlebar and on top of the battery itself. To check battery life, press the 'power' button on the battery with the key in the 'on' position.
  • To turn pedal assist on/off – Insert the key into the battery and turn the key to the 'on' or ‘off’ position. Press the power button. The control panel will light up. Then simply press the mode button to choose your desired level of power assist.
  • To use pedal assist - Start pedaling and the pedal assist will automatically start working. Your control panel indicates how much battery life you have. After your ride, press and hold the power button to turn off the pedal assist. When getting on and off the tricycle it is always safer to turn the power off.
  • Maximum speed - To conform to EAPC regulations, pedal assist has a maximum speed of 25kph, compared to the throttle's top speed of 5kph. Please note, the throttle is a walking aid and not designed to carry the rider up hills.
  • To fold the tricycle - The folding mechanism is the same on both electric and non-electric tricycles. To fold the tricycle, open the lever located on the frame. Pull towards yourself, then lift the lever and push into the desired folding position. To unfold, reposition the tricycle into its standard position and lock the lever back into place. Please also check that the hinge is secure before riding.
  • To use the handbrakes - If the tricycle is fitted with handbrakes, simply hold in the brake lever and push down the parking pin to lock. This is located on the brake lever itself. To release the handbrakes, simply squeeze the brakes.
  • Before your first ride – Please remember tricycles do not ride like bicycles. At first, you may feel like you are losing your balance or the tricycle is pulling you to one side, this is quite a normal sensation for riders who haven’t ridden tricycles before. Keep your back straight, try not to lean, and control the tricycle with your arms. Think of the handlebars like a steering wheel. If you're veering to one side, turn the handlebars in the opposite direction.
  • The key is practice - We have many riders at our showroom who find riding a tricycle difficult at first, but with a little practice they are soon whizzing around with a huge smile on their face!

Video tutorials

Riding Advice

How to ride a tricycle

Folding the Tricycle

JET-E: Folding your tricycle

JET-1: Folding your tricycle

JMT9: Folding your tricycle

Handlebar Adjustment

JET-E: Adjusting the handlebar

JMT3: Adjusting the handlebar

JMT6/7: Adjusting the handlebar

JMT9: Adjusting the handlebar

JMT10: Adjusting the handlebar

Classic Tricycles: Adjusting the headset

Seat Post Adjustment

JET & JMT Models: Adjusting the seat post

Using the LCD Screen

JET-E: How to use to use the LCD screen

JMT3: How to use to use the LCD screen

JMT7: How to use to use the LCD screen

JMT3/6/9: How to use the LCD screen

Using the Throttle

JET-E: How to use the throttle

JMT7: Using the throttle

JMT9: How to use the throttle

Battery Charging & Removal

JET-E: Locating the USB charge point

JET-E: How to charge & remove the battery

JMT3/6: How to charge & remove the battery

JMT7: How to charge & remove the battery

JMT9: How to charge & remove the battery

Classic Tricycles: How to charge the battery

Parking the Tricycle

JET-1: How to use the parking pins

JMT10: How to use the parking pins

JMT Models: How to use the parking lever

Using the Quick Release Front Wheel

JMT1/7/9/10: How to use the quick release front wheel

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