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The Jorvik Story

Find out where it all began.
Born out of love.

When James Walker needed to find a good quality trike for his father, Stuart, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, he discovered a problem.

Choice was limited, designs were outdated, and most were out of his budget.

As any family facing hardship would attest, James felt compelled to help his dad continue to do what he loves. But he was running out of options.

Not willing to give up hope, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

And Jorvik Tricycles was born.
The aim was simple.

To supply reliable, aesthetically pleasing tricycles at prices people can afford. With colours, payment options, and specifications to suit all.

Jorvik (pronounced Yorvik) quickly built an admirable reputation. Not just for the quality of the tricycles, but for the care and understanding that came with each and every sale.

And for supporting charities that might one day find a cure for Parkinson’s, MS, and other life-limiting diseases.

Today, Jorvik are one of the leading tricycle providers, supplying customers and cycle shops globally.

Helping people rekindle the joy of cycling, one trike at a time.

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