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The benefits of electric adult trikes for those with limited mobility

18th September, 2023

The benefits of electric adult trikes for those with limited mobility

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Our electric trikes are popular amongst those who want to get outdoors and cycle but may need a helping hand.

Three-wheel bikes, especially electric three-wheeled bikes, support those living with disabilities, health issues or physical limitations. The tricycle requires less energy from riders due to its electric motor. Being able to cycle at ease on electric tricycles offers a variety of benefits for those living with limited mobility.


Why are electric tricycles good for people with mobility issues?

1. Easier cycling

Electric trikes can significantly increase the distance people with limited mobility can cycle. The pedal-assist allows you to comfortably ride longer distances with less pressure on your joints and muscles and without overexerting yourself.

2. More independence

E-trikes provide a convenient mode of transport for running errands, food shopping, or visiting family and friends. It helps reduce how often you have to rely on public transport, or people driving you places. All our electric tricycles come with rear cargo storage making it easy to carry your belongings around while out and about.

3. Improved physical Health

Riding an electric tricycle gives people with limited mobility a safe and stable way to stay active. Cycling is a relatively low-impact form of exercise. With the extra assistance of an electric trike, individuals can improve their cardiovascular health and muscle strength at their own pace.

4. Safer than bicycles

Three-wheel bikes have more stability than traditional bicycles. Individuals with mobility issues may struggle to coordinate balancing, pedalling and steering on a two-wheel bike; an electric trike offers a safer and more stable riding experience, reducing the risk of falls.


What are the different types of electric trikes for people with limited mobility?

At Jorvik Tricycles, we offer a range of three-wheeled electric bikes depending on your individual needs and preferences.

  • Electric off-road trike
  • Folding electric trikes
  • Dual-battery electric tricycles

Our electric off-road tricycles are popular among more adventurous cyclists. With hydraulic front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and puncture resistance tyres, our mountain trikes are designed to assist riders in conquering more challenging landscapes.

We have folding electric three-wheel bikes that are convenient for storage and transportation. Its easy-to-use folding mechanism allows you to collapse the tricycle, making it easier to manoeuvre when on the go or to store in smaller spaces.

A range of our electric three-wheel bikes come with a dual battery. This includes the JET-E2, JMT11 and JMT13. This allows cyclists to cover longer distances with the extra assistance from the electric motor. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility who also want to explore further and for longer.


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