COVID-19 UPDATE 24th March: read more here
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COVID-19 UPDATE 24th March

24th March, 2020

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Dear Valued customers,

Following on from Boris Johnson’s statement last night and a large number of emails asking various questions please see below... 

Are we still open? 

Yes we are, As encouraged by the government, bike shops should stay open. To facilitate this all office staff are working from home and can be contacted to place orders or answer any queries you may have through our standard phone number 01904848988 - orders can still be placed online also.


Are we still delivering tricycles? 

Yes we are still delivering, we appreciate lots of you are wanting to buy a new tricycle to enable you to stay healthy and enjoy the fresh air at this crucial moment in time and we are determined to get orders out as quickly as we possibly can, at present there is no change in our delivery times either in the Uk or overseas. 


Is it safe to cycle at the moment? 

Yes as advised by the Government staying healthy through exercise is very important as long as it’s done correctly, cycling can play a vital part in staying healthy both physically and mentally especially with the restrictions we are currently living with.


Please follow these important steps to cycle safely... 

  • Do not cycle if you think you are suffering from symptoms of COVID-19 or are in self isolation.
  • While cycling stay 2 meters away from anyone other than your immediate family.
  • Wash your hands before and after your cycle ride and use hand sanitizer during your ride ,also wash your cycling gloves if used. 

Once again thank you to all past and present customers, please stay safe, healthy and look after one another. 

Need some help?

We're here to answer any questions you may have.

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